Interior doors

Our doors owe their unique final appearance to the accuracy, attention to the smallest detail and constant control of the production process. Our customers know that the timber interior doors installed by our professional team will endure many years while maintaining their original aesthetic appearance. Doors are manufactured according to standard designs, but we are also willing to carry out the individual project. We carry out even the most unusual projects.

Drzwi wewnętrzne - sprawdź nasze kolekcje

We have been engaged in the production of timber interior doors for decades and we have the knowledge and skills which ensure the high degree of quality of our products. Tradition and experience are very important for us, but equally important is the satisfaction of customers, and therefore we constantly modernize our production lines, by implementing technological innovations and designing new models following the latest trends.

We offer several hundred different models of doors. They are all coated with natural veneer, but individual models differ in style. They are always developed down to the slightest detail, made carefully and aesthetically. Customers may select traditional or modern interior doors. Although, we have in our offer extensive number of doors in standard sizes, we make also interior doors fitting in non-standard holes, for which we do not charge additionally.

Timber interior doors and our other products have already been well known not only by Polish customers but also abroad, for example in France and Germany. Customers choose them because of the superior quality of the product and the high standard of the service.

The installation of woodwork is completed by our professional, highly-trained team.

drzwi drewniane wewnętrzne
drzwi wewnętrzne drewniane
Drzwi drewniane wewnętrzne


  • swing systems

  • rebated doors – the rebate on the edge of the door, non-visible gap

  • non-rebated doors – visible gap

  • sliding systems

  • folding systems

  • hidden sliding systems

  • systems with invisible door frame

Door frame

  • frame profile 4cm

  • veneered plywood construction

  • construction preventing the cracking of wide frames

  • modern design of the box

Door casings

  • basic profile L1 6,5cm

  • the profile preventing the deformation or cracking

  • any size and shape of casings

  • types of casings:

    • crown

    • pilasters

    • tops

    • beaded casing


  • sash profile thickness 42mm

  • plywood construction

  • finishing strip


  • decorative glass

  • stained glass

  • sandblasted glass

  • laminated glass

  • frosted satin glass

  • frosted VSG safety glass

  • printed glass

  • toughened glass


  • staining + varnishing

  • staining + oiling

  • gloss varnishing

  • painting in RAL or NCS colours

  • surface finish:

    • brushing, sandblasting

    • patinating

    • scrubing

    • paints of structured type

  • possibility of choosing the coating and effect


  • frame gaskets

  • optionally threshold gasket


  • hinges

    • visible pin hinges adjustable in three dimensions

    • hidden concealed Simonswerk Tektus or Kubica hinges sfs etc.

    • flat hinges

    • butt hinges

    • gliding hinge

  • lock

    • for regular key, the cylinder lock or lock toilet

    • magnetic lock

    • hook lock for sliding door

  • hinge caps


Handle is chosen according to the customer’s needs