Entrance doors

Entrance doors are one of the most important design elements of the home. They should be robust enough to ensure the safety of residents and discourage potential burglars, but at the same time they should fit the general aesthetic style of the building. A well-chosen exterior door is an investment for years, thus it is a good idea to think about the purchase. Our company offers you a wide range of models differing not only in colours, hardware and finishing, but also in technical parameters. The specialist will help you choose the product, which will give you the utmost satisfaction.
Drzwi zewnętrzne - sprawdź cenę

Our company produces the wooden exterior doors for several decades, we have therefore the necessary experience and professional staff to meet any challenge and make the doors according to the original design and in any size – so the order may be fully personalized by the customer for which we do not charge additionally. We do not impose anything on our customers, we are flexible and willing to adapt to your needs.

Our excellently trained installation team may quickly and skilfully complete the installation process.

Several hundreds of models of exterior doors that we offer are popular and appreciated by customers in Poland and other EU countries, e.g. in Germany and France. We owe our leading market position among the doors and windows manufactures due to the quality, modern designs of our products, as well as due to the high standards of service. We offer models which are classic, standard or micro, as well as decorative and original models which are always stylish.

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ178 Lizurej

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ178

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ165 Lizurej

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ165

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ167 Lizurej

Drzwi zewnętrzne LZ167